Interval App Generator

Update 25.3.2015: The App Generator is not needed on the Ambit3 anymore. Ambit3 supports complex intervals through the Workout Planner available on the Movescount App. does not provide a complex interval editor, so you are left on your own to create complex intervals! If you want to create a custom time or distance based interval then you need to create an app. There are already some time based interval apps such as the Pyramid Interval app created by myself. However, with this interval app generator you are able to create your own custom interval and don’t even need to know how to program. Here is how it works.

How it works

In the input field below, select the interval unit (second, minute, meter or kilometer) and specify the interval steps. Each interval is separated by a space. The example given in the input box uses: 1min, 2min, 3min, 4min, 5min, 4min, 3min, 2min, 1min fast and in between 1min slow. This generates the code of the Pyramid Interval app.

Show code editor in new window

How do I use the app in an activity?

The app shows the remaining time or distance of the current interval. The displayed value is always counting down for each interval step. When the time or distance goes to 0 the next interval step starts. Optionally: Between each interval change a repeating beep sound is omitted and the backlight is turned on. The training starts with a warm-up until you press the „LAP“ button. When the interval training is finished, the app shows the current duration or distance of the cool-down. This is continued until you stop the training.

Create an new App on

Once you have your code, go to to the „App Designer“ and start a new app. Copy the generated code and past it into the advanced code editor. You may need to click on „Enable advanced editing“ on the „CREATE“ section first to see the advanced code editor.

In order for the code to work, it needs two variables: WARMUP = 0, TOTAL= 0. Below is a screenshot of how the „OWN VARIABLES“ section should look like:


The output format of the result is either in „time“ format for a time based interval or in „decimal“ format for a distance based interval. Again, a screenshot to illustrate the result of the „MODIFY“ section for a time based interval:


and for a distance based interval:


Don’t forget to fill in some general information such as an app name and then you can click on the „SAVE“ button. That’s it.